The Irish Australian Gaelic Football Club was formed in Adelaide by ex-players of a Sydney-based club of the same name.  The driving force behind this was AJ O’Donnell. After living in Sydney with Husband Shane O’Donnell for many years they returned to Adelaide.  Women’s Gaelic Football was not played in Adelaide at this time and it was through AJ’s intervention that in 1997 the inaugural ladies game was played despite only 3 teams entering the competition.  The men’s team was then formed in 1998 by the partners of the women’s team. 

The Women’s Team was initially managed by Andy Korff and have been very successful, continuing to finishing in the top 2 as the league expanded to 7 teams. In 2000 Andy retired from managing the team and was replaced by Carolyn Pickering, who at the time was also one of the players.  In 2002 Adrian Mitchell, who had joined as a player of the Men’s Team, took over coaching and managing the Women’s Team.  In 2003 Eddie Howlett (Men’s Coach) became the Women’s Assistant Manager to Adrian in an attempt to unify the club.

Unable to play due to injury, Eddie Howlett undertook the role of Men’s Coach in 1998. Due to inconsistencies in player numbers and team members, the Men’s Team has not had the same success as the Women’s Team. However player retention and team performance has improved notably over the last couple of seasons.

Our Women’s teams have all been successful winning the Tom Finn Memorial Cup – IA Rovers – 2006, IA Cougars – 2007, IA – Blues -2008, IA – Blues – 2011. The men have reached the finals and looking to make the next step this upcoming season. For the 2011/2012 season the IAGFC has one Men’s and two Women’s teams entered in the State League Competition.  For anyone interested in playing for IAGFC please contact us.